01. The Last Nomads (Intro) - 6'51"
        With The House To Slope
02. Nomads Of The Steppe - 4'50"
        The Sacred Chant Of Tuva
03. Nomads Of The Desert - 10'34"
04. Nómadas en el Techo del Mundo - 16'19"
        The Sky
        The Troubadour
        Goodbye Tíbet
05. Pilgrims Of The Forest - 12'18"
06. The Last Nomads (credits) - 1'24"

                Total Time: 56'12"



Music Composed and performed by Santi Vega

Santi Vega
vocals, flutes, ocarinas, sicus, piano, spanish guitar, sitar, swarsangam, koto, timpanín, bass, percussion and samplers


Orchestral Samples, courtesy of East West "Scoring Tools, Vol 1"
Vocal Samples, Courtesy of Spectrasonics "Vocal Planet", "Heart of Africa" and "Symphony of Voices"
Asian Samples, courtesy of Spectrasonics "Heart of Asia"

Like Nomads keep moving to survive, the artist or creative being has to move
in search of inspiration or enlightment, of purity or authenticity. I have never before felt more ridiculous
with my music or my own idea of music, as when I was singing the main theme of
"The Last Nomads" with the last Bororo in Niger .
They and their letanies have a beauty and authenticity absolutely ancestral,
that we have lost, maybe forever...


"The Last Nomads" shows us what life is like today for the few nomadic groups remaining in the world.
Proud, warrior tribes that have not given up their eternal journey across steppes, tundras, jungles and deserts.
They do not understand borders or sovereignties. They are free, though they respect and obey the codes
of their own traditional laws, in which hospitality and honour are the foundations of their existence.