25 Years In Music

25 years have passed since I started working professionally as a musician... it seems incredible, but it's true ... In this span of time, I have recorded 15 albums, and composed the original soundtracks of over 150 films and documentaries that describe our planet and how we live on it. I have meshed with nearly every existing culture and bonded with all my brothers of this blue planet, experiencing an enormous privilege that has enriched me greatly, while at the same time teaching me to be humble and grow as a person and musician.

To celebrate and commemorate these 25 years, I have prepared some new works to warmly share with you and the world…!!


First of all, my last album is available at www.santivega.com

(The Ephemeral Flower Garden)

You can listen to a number of sample tracks from this album here,
The digital version is also available on Itunes however the sound quality can never be exceeded by recordings available on the physical CD, which includes illustrations by Carlos Franco that make it a complete work of art…!

Secondly, I have created a suite titled, WORKS, where you can find some of my best music from these past 25 years, which include movie soundtracks as well as concert music.

These are available in three separate volumes:


There is a small limited edition af all three in a little box.

As a last word, all CDs can be purchased at www.santivega.com and for those who prefer compressed digital formats Itunes Music Store.

As allways, warm thanks for being there… on the listeners side…

Santi Vega
Madrid, 1st September 2013