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Santi Vega al Sitar

Music has always attracted me powerfully. When I was six I would entertain myself playing parts of Bach’s Fugue in D minor on an old piano in my grandparents house. When I was twelve I came across Neil Young’s "Harvest". His voice has captivated me ever since. I learnt all the songs on Harvest by ear on an acoustic guitar and would sing them over and over again, without really caring too much about their meaning. What was going on emotionally meant more to me than just the words of the songs. It came as a second journey of initiation after the Bach one and a point of reference I would never abandon.

It was in the days when I would sing music from the sixties and seventies and improvise second voices with my elder brothers and friends, that I started to attend at the Conservatoire. At that point, I would fuse classical music with folk music; mainly English and American.

After this I got into rock, symphonic rock, world music and film music. These styles were like doors and windows that would open up for me, in a certain magical moment of my life, and usher me to follow new paths and take me to other people, from which I would always find something new to learn. I studied all that I could, I goulped down all the information that fellt in my hands which had any relation with music and sound, something I still continue doing. I studied piano, flute and cello pretty seriously but at some point knowing already that my main goal was going to be composition. When the music education at my country didn´t have anything enough attractive and enriching for me to offer, I went to the United States to study jazz, electronic music and film music at the prestigious Berklee College of Boston.

I can hardly believe that it is now twenty five years since I came back from America and started to take up music professionally. I have since recorded fifteen records and more than one hundred and fifty original soundtracks for a range of films and documentaries about life on our planet. I have merged with almost every culture and bonded in brotherhood with all kinds of people on our blue planet. I have lived through this as if it were an extraordinary and enriching privilege that has taught me to be humble and to develop both as a musician and as a man.


Santi Vega, September 2013



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