CD 1.-
01. Lost Worlds - 0'50"
02. South Georgia, Life Under The Furious 50s (South Georgia) - 3'40"
03. Precursors Of The Inca (Peru) - 2'28"
04. Refuge Monsters (Argentina) - 1'44"
05. The Heirs Of Gengis Khan (Mongolia) - 7'42"
06. A Paradise In Hell (Venezuela) - 6'15"
07. Buetí (Guinea Ecuatorial) - 5'11"
08. The Wilderness Of The Skeletons (Namibia) - 5'05"
09. LThe Children Of The Jaguar (Ecuador and Peru) - 4'07"
10. Timid Devils And Ghost Tigers (Tasmania) - 2'23"
11. Mekong , The 9 Dragons River (Vietnam) - 7'49"
12. Land Of Dragons (Komodo, Java and Sumatra) - 6'03"
13. La Semilla del Paraiso (Cuba) - 10'35"
14. Seed Paradise (Ivory Coast) - 5'11"

Total Time: 69'00"

CD 2.-
01. Mountain Mistery (Venezuela) - 7'12"
02. And Mammals Laid Eggs... (Australia) - 4'45"
03. Sea Warriors (Australia) - 4'29"
04. Vudú (Haiti, Cuba and Dominican Rep.) - 3'00"
05. Ambassadors Of The Jungle (Papua, Equatorial Guinea) - 6'00"
06. Red Jungle Spirit (Borneo) - 7'24"
07. Ghosts Of Sulawesi (Sulawesi Island, Vietnam) - 9'38"
08. Domains Of White Death - 8'50"
09. Men's Fifth World (Australia) - 8'10"
10. Tíbet, Freedom in Exile (India and Tibet) - 2'38"
11. Tíbet School - 1'10"
12. The Footsteps Of The Unicorn (India and Nepal) - 3'46"
13. Génesis, End Point (Galapagos Island) - 4'16"

Total Time: 70'00"

Santi Vega
vocals, flutes and ocarinas, piano, spanish guitar, electric guitar, balaphon, kora, sitar, swarsangam, koto, timpanín, bass, percussion and samplers

Orchestral Samples, courtesy of East West "Scoring Tools, Vol 1"
Vocal Samples, courtesy of Spectrasonics "Vocal Planet", "Heart of Africa" and "Symphony of Voices"
Asian Samples, courtesy of Spectrasonics "Heart of Asia"

Feeding myself from the 2001 images of different Transglobe Films teams around all the corners of the planet, I had the feeling of a never ending musical creation.
I enjoyed very much my particular travelling way, and in some case, even I could get onto some of those trips, a great opportunity for me to smell and feel by myself those mindblowing Lost Worlds. Travelling has been allways for me one of my vital preferences. One gets further away from his ideas, convictions and culture routines, in order to feel and analize them in a different way..., and from another place.

With regard to the music, my bigger interest is in that inexplicable thing that all the musics has in common, from one side of the planet to the other. Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, America... Playing to put them together and create that inexplicable feeling has allways been for me a challenge, a delight and clearly...,
a game in which the rules go beyond the world of reason.

26 x 52’
Wild Life, Ethnology, Anthropology

We live in aworld that gets smaller every day. The media, intercontinental transport and the exporting, and mixing
of cultures make borders seem increasingly closer and more diffuse. As a consequence, there is a tendency to think
that there are hardly any areas left on the planet untouched by the influence of civilised man, places that still follow
the millenary guidelines of their own history. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Lost Worlds will introduce us to such places where times seems to have stood still, immune to the aggressive
cultural tendencies and techniques of the western world. They are places that follow their own course, their own
evolutionary and cultural paths where species, including man, have found adaptive solutions different than ours.

Nature in its wildest state, the rarest species on earth, the most isolated indigenous races, the ruins of ancient lost
empires, history and legend: these are the pillars of a new documentary series which will show the permanence of
diversity and the mystery of a planet which still harbours fascinating Lost Worlds within.