Original Score for the same name TV Serie
Directed by Fernando Gonzílez I. Sitges
Produced by Explora Films

Music composed and performed by Santi Vega


01. The Guardians Of The Planet (0'54")
02. The Pharmacy Of Planet Earth (3'58")
03. The Magic Circle (2'38")
04. The Time Tree (2'48")
05. Nomads From The North (3'25")
06. Crocodile Tears (1'30")
07. The Monsters Maid (4'25")
08. Adaptation (Water,Earth, Air) (2'30")
09. Guardians Of The Cannibals (4'13")
10. Ivory Bullets (3'06")
11. The Spirit Of Totonka (3'50")
12. Sex, Lies And Tiger Bones (3'37")
13. At The Shadow Of The Annapurnas (1'32")
14. Bambu (6'29")
15. TenderBattleships (3'28")
16. Madagascar (1'27")
17. One Life For A Ghost (1'50")
18. The Chamman's Magic (3'06")
19. Poisoned Beauty (1'47")
20. A Ship For Neptune (5'13")

Total Time: 62'33"

Santi Vega
voz, flute, harmonica, piano, spanish guitar, electric guitar, sitar, koto, timpanín, cello, bass, percussion and samplers

thanks to Carlos Beceiro, for his permission to use his arrangement and recording of the traditional song entitled "Zocas", inside the last track of this CD,
"Un Barco Para Neptuno"
"Zocas" belongs to "fabrica de Sons" CD, from Carlos and it´s performed by:
Carlos Beceiro, braguese viola
Antón Varela, gaita in G
Xoan Silvar, gaita in D

Orquestra Samples, courtesy of East West "Scoring Tools, Vol 1"
Vocal Samples, courtesy of Spectrasonics "Vocal Planet"
Bansuri Samples, courtesy of Spectrasonics "Heart of Asia"

One of the works I´m more proud of, because of his simplicity and magic.
The mimesys with the images and nature was tremendous, and this together with the tremendous working pressure of those days (sometimes a 50 minutes chapter a week), made Gods to help me telling more with less. A big learning.

The aggressive actions of men on the environment have endangered the biodiversity of the world which seemed inexhaustible.
Ecosystems are being lost, oceans overexploited, species exterminated...

However, in the midst of so much discouraging news, there
are also actions filled with hope being taken by people and institutions who are unwilling to resign themselves and who, day by day, achieve extraordinary success in caring for and preserving nature.