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Actución en directo de Santi Vega

 Panteras, La serie
 Techniques and uses of Santi Vega music in the documentary film
 Malintzin, the story of an enigma
 Cantabrico, The Domains Of The Brown Bear
 Mayan Wild
 Hernan Cortes, A Man between God and the Devil
 The Theater Of Beyond
 The History Of Our Cinema Concert
 Between Two Worlds, the story of Gonzalo Guerrero
 The Ephemeral Flower Garden
 Works Series, 25 Anniversary
 14 Kilometers
 The Birth Of A Passion 1
 The Birth Of A Passion 2
 Eyengui, The God Of Dream
 The Last Nomads
 The Route Of Samarkanda
 The Yellow Fountain
 Travelling Towards The Light
 Audiovisual Works
 Isla Mujeres
 Madrid-New York

 Awards & Nominations

 Interview at Radio 3 "Tres En La Carretera"
 Interview at Radio 3 "Discópolis"
 Interview at Radio 3 "El Séptimo Vicio"
 Interview at Radio 3 "6 x 3"
 Special Programme at Radio 3 "Músicas Posibles"
 Interview at "Los Sonidos Del Planeta Azul"
 Interview at Cadena Ser "Notas De Cine"
 Interview at Radio Círculo "Entrelares"
 Interview at Radio 3 "Otros Acentos"
 Interview at Radio 3 "El Ojo Critico"