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Last October 2015, the Spanish Film Academy celebrated its 30th Anniversary with an
Extraordinary Concert by the Orchestra of RTVE, which in turn, celebrated its 50th anniversary, and conducted by
Claudio Ianni. Several authors of Music for Film prepared a "Suite" for the occasion and their
corresponding images were projected on a giant screen, while played Live at the Teatro Monumental in Madrid.
In my case, I presented the Suite "Pangea" with fragments of three of my soundtracks composed for Symphonic Orchestra.

The full concert and "Pangea" can be seen here:


"The History Of Our Cinema Concert"

It was a great pleasure to play with the Orchestra of Rtve, have the direction of Claudio Ianni
                       and above all, a great event for film music of our country.


After many years without stepping on a stage due to my intense work in composition, recording and production of soundtracks for films and documentaries, I had the great privilege of being able to present my latest work live outside the movies ...

"El Jardín De Las Flores Efímeras"

It has been a pleasure to meet again with some of the friends and excellent musicians with whom I recorded "Isla Mujeres" 20 years ago.

On the other hand, the presence of Monica and her dance together with the magic saxello of Javier Paxariño and the shamanic choirs, with the newcomer Enrique Martínez, made everything take on a new dimension ...

Many thanks to all of them.

- Santi Vega: guitar and vocals
- Josep Salvador: guitar and vocals
- Mónica Lanz: dance
- Eduardo Laguillo: vocals
- Justo Lera: vocals
- Enrique Martinez: vocals

- Special guest: Javier Paxariño: saxello

Photo album

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In 1990 I was forced to create a group with which to experience my own music and the "Santi Vega Group" was born. We recorded our first album in 1992 "Isla Mujeres", which receives an excellent critique and a great reception in the world of Jazz and New Music. The same year we shared the stage with the legendary John Cale from "Velvet Underground" at the Madrid Jazz Festival.
Currently the group is asleep as such, since all its members are very involved in their own projects, but at any time can wake up, because the spirit of the group is still alive.
- Santi Vega: piano, keyboards, vocals and flutes.
- Josep Salvador: guitars.
- Justo Lera: bass.
- Vicente Climent: drums.
- Luis Dulzaides: percussion.
- Xavi Turull: tabla and percussion.


Photo album